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Stubby Coolers Online prides itself on product quality and customer service. In order to do that each and every time certain procedures along with trading terms and conditions have been established.

We have endeavoured to keep this simple and uncomplicated.

The following are our procedures which basically are an are an outline of how the system works explaining what we do and what you can expect from us and what we expect from you. Further down the page you will find the terms and conditions.

This will give you an understanding of what will happen once you place an order for stubby holders with Stubby Coolers Online.


You have decided to order coolers from Stubby Coolers Online - congratulations and thank you. Here is what happens next.

1. The first thing that occurs will be the creation of a comprehensive work order by our admin staff based on the information you gave us on your order form. This contains all relevant client details, financial details, job description, art requirements.

2. Your order is then recorded, your artwork finalised, the final proof prepared along with an invoice which is all then sent to you with detailed instructions on how to proceed.

3. Once your approval email has been received and your payment made to our account your order will be placed into our production system. We will acknowledge this to you by email.

4. Once your coolers have been dispatched we will inform you by email. We will also request from you an acknowledgment of having received your coolers. Happy Days!! you should now have your stubby holders.

Terms & Conditions

1. All costs to be paid in full with the acceptance of our approval email unless otherwise arranged. No production will begin until all invoiced costs are paid in full.

2. All freight costs to be paid in full as invoiced. All efforts will be made by Stubby Coolers Online to send goods via the cheapest and most efficient method possible.

3. All care will be taken to ensure print colours will match any PMS numbers or samples provided. However due to the colour and nature of the various materials used, it is often impossible to obtain a 100% match. All materials print differently and if your logo is being applied to two different products variations may occur. Fabric colour can also vary from batch to batch and as such Stubby Coolers Online will not be responsible for these or any of the above situations.

4. No verbal orders will be accepted. All orders must be in writing and e-mailed.

5. No verbal changes will be accepted. All changes must be written and e-mailed.

6. Upon approving the visual presentation (art proof) of your order and sending the approval email declaration you will be committing to the purchase of the goods described in accordance with such approvals and your order placed with us. It is therefore important that you carefully review the visual representation (art proof) and tell us of any changes required. Stubby Coolers Online will not be responsible in the event that you make a mistake, change your mind or fail to recognise an error and in respect to any approvals given you must make full payment as invoiced for all goods supplied in accordance with such approvals . This also applies to any order which is part way through the production process.

7. This order WILL NOT PROCEED unless the authorisation/declaration has been emailed and the full payment has been received into our bank account.

8. It is always understood that by returning to Stubby Coolers Online a signed approval form or emailed alternative declaration that you have read, understood, accepted and have agreed to abide by all of these conditions one thru twelve.

9. All of our coolers are covered by our 100% quality guarantee. Stubby Coolers Online will only consider a claim for faults or transit damage within 7 business days of the delivery date so please make sure you inspect your delivery as soon as you get it.

Your Stubby Holders will be eligible for return only if they have been damaged in transit, have a manufacturing fault or do not comply with the signed off final proof. (Please see the full returns policy regarding colour matching and point #3 above).

You can not return your coolers if you simply change your mind or don't like them for whatever reason.

10. Stubby Coolers Online will not be held responsible for coolers lost in transit or where a delivery is delayed past the due date. However at the consideration of Stubby Coolers Online a claim may be considered and taken on a case by case basis where a delivery has been lost by the freight company. This will occur only once a full investigation of said loss has been completed by the freight company concerned and that the coolers are indeed pronounced lost.

11. As stated in various places thru out the Stubby Coolers Online web site art costs are free of charge, however in some instances where the required design exceeds the scope of the free art offer it is at the discretion of Stubby Coolers Online to charge for said artwork and design at an hourly rate. It is also at the discretion of Stubby Coolers Online to levy a charge in line with the time spent to create said designs or artwork if a client requires a copy for other purposes or the return of files to be used with an alternate supplier. This charge will also be determined at a fixed fee at the discretion of Stubby Coolers Online.

12. Copyright Laws are strict and precise so if you supply to Stubby Coolers Online or ask us to use any graphics, photos or files or intellectual property that as the customer you will warrant that you have the right to use the said Intellectual Property and that you hereby indemnify and hold indemnified Stubby Coolers Online against all claims, action, damages and costs as against Stubby Coolers Online by any party arising from Stubby Coolers Online use of the said Intellectual Property in fulfilling you the customer’s directions. Prior to production commencing you will be required as part of the approval process to declare to Stubby Coolers Online that you have the legal rights and /or permission to use said images, graphics, photos or said intellectual property supplied by you for the purpose of producing artwork for your stubby holder order.

Amended 24.04.2024


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Our Guarantee To You

Stubby Coolers Online 100% guarantee

We want you to know before you buy your coolers about our famous 100% Quality Guarantee.

Simply put it means that if in the unlikely event your drink coolers have been manufactured incorrectly we will completely replace your order and that in purchasing from us your coolers will be the best value for money available.