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Stubby Holder Background Options

Our design team realise that the back bone of every design is a compelling background. Whether it be a simple plain colour to the most complex of graphics the background is the major theme setting element of the Stubby Holder design.

Backgrounds can be photos of people and places which are relevant to the occasion, the business, the theme of the event or promotion at hand.

Stubby Coolers Online can hand craft a background for your stubby cooler design - Easy!!

The possibilities are endless.


A plain background one colour is a good start point and allows the design to be the complete focus

Plain backgrounds can come in any colour and we can match any specific colour you like provided you can provide the pantone colour code

a plain background of sage green


A lineal background is one where a colour fades or transforms one colour to another in a straight line which can be at any angle.

You can have two colours or more for your gradient and is a nice way to highlight an object or text

a gradient background of light to dark blue

A radial background is one where a colour fades or transforms into a different colour around a radius which can be at any size or intensity required

You can have two  or more colours for your gradient and is a great way to highlight an object or text

a gradient background of light to dark blue


A pattern background is one where texture is the main theme. Fading can be used to dull down the background and allow the text or other graphics to stand out

The use of this type of background is ideal to set a theme

Rustic timber background
Hessian Background
Checker Plate metal Background
Carbon Fibre Background


Photo backgrounds are ideal for weddings and birthdays in fact any purpose and certainly se the theme .

These also can enhance a corporate coolers by use of photos of products, buildings and services allowing logos and tecxt to be placed on top

wine barrel photo  Background
Carbon Fibre Background
Sand and shell Background
Old brick wall Background


Graphic backgrounds are a simple and effective way of creating a design. Logos and graphics can be placed with in areas to maximise appeal

Very useful for business and sports clubs alike as any colour combination can be used to compliment a corporate or club theme

Old brick wall Background
Old brick wall Background
simple stripe Background
torn page Background

Themed Backgrounds

Themed backgrounds are perfect for parties, weddings and celebrations. You can tie into your existing theme with fantastic backgrounds

Text and graphics can be placed over the background to convey the message. These can look spectacular.

Darth Vader background
torn page backgroundBackground
Masquerade Background
Nauticle themed Background

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Collage of caricature stubby holder designs

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